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Last weekend, I was wondering about “Little India” enclave in Klang – a busy town located just 45minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur – admiring Rangoli themed Sarees and tasting the best Teh Tarik (Pull Tea) that I can find. As I was criss-crossing the 5foot pavement of the pre-war shop houses along Tengku Kelana Rd., I came upon a fortune teller, sited on the floor by the pavement offering his masterful service for only RM5.

I am a non-believer for fortune insights but I gave it a try anyway as I thought it would be fun. The master – was actually a young chap – armed with a fortune guide book and ever faithfull green parrot by his side. What a beautiful bird, jade green and nice little red nose, I admired his pet. I opted not to go for palm reading as it’s a common fortune telling method but asked for the bird to see my fortune.


The master gave a queue and the little creature patiently climbed down from it’s cage and picked up a single “Red Packet” from a stack and handed it over to it’s master. As the packet opened up, I was blessed with a GOD’s image and he started explaining about my past and future, when best time for me to get married, etc. I was actually did not capture most of it as I was busy snapping pictures of the pretty little parrot. Standard question I asked was; what is your star and are your currently single or married?


According to the master, my future is bright and I can see good days ahead and I survived a life threatering misforture in 2011…which was correct!

Anyway, I had a good glimpse of this dying fortune telling practice in this country (almost all similar fortune tellers in Malaysia are from India and they make a living here). This shows the beauty and diverse nature of Malaysia with multi-etnic and multi-cultural society. Closer to Kuala Lumpur, one can also head to Lebuh Ampang Little India to find out your fortune 🙂

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