Oops…just realized I’ve yet to conclude my road trip to Kuantan tale and jumped to my recent trip to Singapore πŸ˜›

Here is the rest of the story……

On early Sunday morning (last day of our trip), we hesitantly picked ourselves up from the cozy hotel bed and headed to Sungai Lembing (a small sleepy town near Lembing River – 45min drive from Kuantan town) for a hike to Panorama Hill. This small hill is local favorite for exercise and bird’s eye view of the town below. Best is to climb in the morning as the temperature is much cooler and the misty view provides best photo opportunity and you might spot some pretty birds, as I did πŸ™‚Β  At the end of your hike, the town’s market offer some of the best noodle soups and Nasi Lemak for breakfast.

Little info on Lembing town, this town got its name from a Malay word “Lembing” which means spear or “Spear Town”. This little town (a road divides two rows of old wooden shoplots, a wet market, museum and some administrative houses), is a well know location in the history of Pahang State for it’sΒ  Gold Mining activities during pre-independence days. Now, what remains is the same row of shops and a laid back ambiance which folks from the big cities come here to enjoy

Headed towards Sg. Lembing town..was an easy drive with no traffic

Effect of morning drive…

Nice to sleep eh while on the move…

Sg. Lembing Town…Welcomes Us

Old town..

Administrative building..

Old Bungalow..

Coffee House..turned into a motel

Love the hue..

Pretty Yellow

Spotted a fall at a distance..

misty morning…breathtaking

view of the Lembing River

Coffee House..

Hanging Bridge..connecting to residential houses

As we were tired of the morning hike and bellyfull of food from the town market, me and my friends missed to try out the hanging bridge of Sg. Lembing and left the spot. Then on the way to Charas Cave, we decided to try and started to look for one along our drive. After few stops to ask locals, we managed to find one old bridge which was scary but exciting to be on..

hanging bridge…creekety!

wished it’s sturdy…when we’re there

a local crossing…

Our next stop was Charas Cave not far from Lembing town. This cave was pretty amazing with it’s huge chambers and being occupied by ardent Buddhist and Hindu devotees who has built temples within the cave. It was an easy cave exploration for us.

Charas Cave

Light creeping in thru the entrance..

looks like a “man”

cave interior

Heroic pose πŸ™‚

We ended the trip by dipping our exhausted body in “Pandan Waterfall”Β  – another attraction by the Lembing River

Cooling Off..