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Hey, I am back after two weeks of hectic training schedule…Feels good  😀

So, last time on Weekend Watch we stopped at Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Center, had some fun watching my favorite animal – elephants.

From Elephant Sanctuary, we headed to Kuantan town en-route to Cherating Beach. The world famous Club-Med is located in Cherating. The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kuatan takes 3hours and best is to take Gambang Exit (nearer to town) from highway rather Kuantan Exit.

Note: Eastern part of Malaysia treasures plenty of beautiful beaches to relax and enjoy

Happy scene at Cherating


Tintin at Cherating

smaller beach near Kuantan

Neighboring the beach is the Turtle Conservation Center, a place where turtle eggs are safe kept until being hatched before released into the sea. This is one of the government’s action to prevent turtle eggs lost to thief and sold in markets for consumption.  It’s free entrance and if you are lucky you might get to participate in hatchlings release to sea. I am proud to say I got the chance to held “baby” turtles in my palm and set them free 🙂

What a beautiful creature!

Cherating Turtle Conservation Center


Hatchlings Tub

before release time

well protected nest

a pose before saying goodbye to the little ones

It was a wonderful experience to cherish forever

Next Up: Hiking and Cave Exploring near Kuantan.. so stay tuned!



I was cruising at 90km/h on highway for a weekend gateway from the big city. It was scorching afternoon in the month of November as I was on a road trip to Kuantan, East Coast town of Malaysian Peninsular. I helmed the steering wheel accompanied by 3 lovely friends, who chatted all the way, occasionally sang songs and cracked jokes. Their main duty was to keep me awake on a 3hr journey from Kuala Lumpur onto the dangerously winding road of Karak Highway (enroute to Genting Higlands) to almost deserted East Coast Highway.

It all started when one of my friend suggested of me becoming their tour guide on an outing to Kuantan Town. Surprisingly they had some level of confidence of me knowing local attractions. Coincidentally I was on a job posting in Kuantan at that time and happily agreed. Before we know it we were heading east enjoying the greenery and fresh air along the way.

Our first stop of the day was at Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Center. It’s a care center for the abandoned and injured jumbos and one of it’s kind in the country. The huge facility designed to resemble a park with elephant anatomy and awareness messages all over to educate those who visit. Large playing field with tall wooden structures provide opportunity for visitors to hop n ride on their favorite animal  and see them in action in the nearby river on designated hours. Our 30minutes were well spent enjoying the cute little calves and its mommy and snapping memorable pictures of ourselves before leaving

Large playing field..

Jumbo Salute!


he was playing…not struggling wt the rope

Museum tour before we took our leave..

More from this trip in upcoming posts….so stay tuned!

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