As our boat struggles through the shallow waters of the Tonle Sap – dry spell from November to May at the largest lake in South East Asia – we witnessed the daily activities of the fishing community. The scenes which I enjoyed the most while I was there last week, were the wonderful faces of children.

They might live in poverty line with only lake water for drinking and limited food resource from the lake, but like kids everywhere around the world they enjoy the moment to last.ย  Some of them working on boats while others just cooling themselves off by swimming and diving in the murky water.

Here, I present to you the beautiful antics of Siem Reap Kids living in Lake Tonle Sap ๐Ÿ™‚

Guide, me and a little helper in the boat

Kids not bothered by passing boat..enjoying a dip

Swimming across with goods..with pail as floating device

A Kid steering at the driver’s seat

Hop On and Off

Got to give this kid a special mention here. She’s surely can grow up as a great sportswoman….she jumped into a moving boat and hopped off into a chasing speed boat. It all happened at a lighting speed, she came into our boat to sell some canned drinks and gone into waiting boatย  within a minute. Woah, her antic looked so dangerous. We were nervous…she can slip and rotating blades of our boat…but nothing happened and she safely landed on her boat. I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled with few dollars from us.

Thumbs Up!

Save the best for the last ๐Ÿ˜€

This face etched in my heart forever. She came towards us in her aluminum pail, with her cute little smile tried to sell a snake which she probably have caught somewhere in the lake.ย  Dang…out of nowhere another little cute kid came by and playfully steered her away from us pushing her pail by his as she was laughing and shouting for him to stop. It was a joyful and perfect photographic moment for all of us in the boat.ย  But, I regretted that was not able to hand over a Dollar when she was asking. Well, maybe I can take this as a reason to visit her again one day.

Cute smile with a snake

Picture perfect kid

Gimme back that snake..if not I’ll push you around!

Play Time!