What am I going to enjoy over there? What are it’s top attractions?…were some of the questions popped in my mind while leaving to Sulawesi. I don’t know much about this place except the fact that it’s an island close to Malaysian shores (near Borneo).

“Nah..am just making a short trip with my dad and uncle to visit my brother who we have not seen for a long time”, my heart says in excitement. He was attached in an IT project for a client in the island, which is also close to Philippines.  We really missed him. My mom stayed back as she was advised by my brother, traveling in Sulawesi is tiring, roads are not as good as Malaysia and he’s work place is so remote that he need to travel for 10hrs by bus to airport whenever he wants to come back home.

Sulawei on Map

We were received by my brother at the Ujungpandang airport, after a long bus ride from his workplace in Manado. Makasar, capital of Sulawesi, was like any other city with it’s share of traffic and street vendors. We visited malls and relaxed by the sea shore as pretty much that’s all we can find to do.

Little did I know, “Makasar’s best” is in it’s seafood. My taste buds were overwhelmed when we had our dinner at Nelayan Seafood Restaurant in the city. It was so good that we had seafood dinner everyday.

The sea products were so fresh, sweet and Yummy! 🙂

We were served with some herbs and cucumber for appetizer and local fruits for desert. Between those, check out the pics…surely a must try items.

Next time, surely I’ll make a longer trip as I was told there’s more attractions outside Makasar and Sulawesi has one of world’s renowned diving spots.  No worries, I can still make a trip there for  it’s seafood alone!