Hyderabad or also called “Cyberabad” now, is a booming Silicon Valley of India.

IT Powerhouse such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Hewlett Packard, Amazon are trading here where diamonds were once largely traded. Here, I will not be writing about newly build modern IT buildings but old ruins and tombs from the era of Hyderabad Sultanate, which I enjoyed the most during my visit to the Capital City of Andhra Pradesh few years ago.

Symbol of Hyderabad is the Chaminar. This beautiful icon was built by then Sultan as a commemorative to the elimination of plaque epidemic from his city.

Beautiful 4 Towers 4 Arches Chaminar

Arch Gate near Chaminar

It’s was mid-June, peak Mango Season. The area near Chaminar was teeming with mango peddlers in small carts. We eventually bought two bags of sweet, juicy, yummy Indian Mangoes 🙂 Locals told us that they don’t normally cut the mangoes to savor its taste but squeeze the fruit until its juice filled inside. Then they poke a straw into the fruit and drink the juice. Yow…how fresh can you get than this!

Mango Peddler

The Mecca Mosque is one of the largest mosques in India. Its specialty is, it was built with bricks made out of sand brought from Mecca, Saudi Arabia – the holy land for the Muslims. I had no opportunity to visit the mosques as was making up some time to visit more places.

Mecca Mosque

If you are making a trip to Hyderabad, include Briyani as a must try food. I had the most wonderful Briyani of my life with some delicious spicy chicken nuggets called “Chicken 65”.  Any trip satisfies when you find good food in your journey.

After heavy lunch, did some “walk in the park” at Quth Shah Sultanate Mausoleum. There were the tombs of the Sultanate family members. Shady ground with trees provided cooling spots under the scorching afternoon heat while I enjoyed the scenery of the burial site.

Royal Tomb

Surrounded by Lush Trees

Kids enjoying a swim in a pool nearby the tomb

Golkonda Fort perched on top a hill, built by the Sultan to guard Hyderabad from any enemy attacks from the North – especially Moghuls. Now a ruin, the site is well maintained with many chambers and canons to admire.

Golkonda Ruins

Golkonda Fort

Hyderabad Zoo suprised me with its pride resident…White Tiger. I was wide-eyed catching a glimse of this beautiful creature in numbers up close. There were one in an enclosure with its own pool, probably Alpha Male. Few others placed together in another enclosure within few feet away from viewing distance. The tigers were healty and kept clean, so I enjoyed the most of it.


Another interesting note when I was in the city was the following image…I so want to ride it!!! 😀

Stylish Pulsar Bike