Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach situated just 10min walk down the Poppies Lane II along Jalan Pantai Kuta. It is the most popular beach in Bali because of it’s location in Kuta, happening town in the island and thronged with tourist. Surfing is a favorite activity on the beach beside swimming and tanning. I had a morning walk to the beach from my room, Satriya Cottages Poppies Lane II. It was only 8am and locals busy lining up stalls, massage tables, beach umbrellas and colorful surfing boards for tourists to enjoy later in the day. I chatted with a surfer, tasted the salty breeze, relaxed on soft cold sand and people watched. Decide to bring along some friends on my next trip here – more fun.

Peaceful Sanur Beach

On my 3rd day, I hired a motorcycle-taxi to Sanur Beach on the far south-east of Kuta. I was invited to Sanur by a new found Balinese friend, Ratika. We meet at the airport in KL and she promised to help me out if I in need of any. That day I was looking for a suitable private tour guide. While waiting for Ratika to arrive, I was glad to walk the beach. It was the most serene place I have ever been to. It is a long beach with resting huts protruding out to the sea every 200m or so. With no tourist activities around, I had a chance to sit with a book which I was carrying along in my bag with a view of sailing boats under bright white clouds and local fishermen netting by the shallow waters. What a blissfully moment to cherish, I felt as if I’ve been through many hours of meditation! I also witnessed rows of beautifully colored fishing boats and a private ceremony to the death by the beach. Ratika introduced me to Didi and we agreed on a private tour to my preference for the next few days. After the meet-up, I was back to Sanur beach. It was almost 8pm and the night view equally beautiful to the day with brightly lit statues and restaurants running along the beach. It’s truly a relaxation hotspot.

Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua beach is for the rich and famous who are visiting Bali. With its own chain of 5-Star resorts at the coast, the beach is off-limit to the public. My tour guide drove me to the perimeter of Nusa Dua through a tight security of a bomb squad, pretending that I am a guest to one of the resort. Safely through, I wandered alone on the beach. What a well maintained site. Clean and class facility of huts, restaurants, beach bars, gardens and sporting equipments all at its patron’s reach. Exclusive contemporary wedding hall is also available to give an impression of “Wedding in Heaven” to the bride and bridegroom. I had a thrilling experience of watching rows and rows of people sun bathing and playing under scorching heat. A quick stroll along the length of the beach and I’m back on the road to the next popular spot.


Dreamland is a short drive away from Nusa Dua close to Ngurah Rai International Airport. It’s developed with class resort but the area is much neglected now with unpaved access road to the beach and under used buildings. But, the beach is still an attraction to many and the Hanuman statue at the entrance is my favorite. A nice spot if you have no choice to go further away from the airport.