Cemiterio De S. Miguel

Macau holds a wonderful history of colonial past, much alive today with its well maintained tourist troves. Many of these tourist hotspots are just at a walking distance, so I ventured on foot with a bunch of friends last year. We rested our exhausted legs yet at another beautifully eye refreshing but spooky site – St. Michael Chapel Cemetery.

The burial ground was built with its centerpiece, a green and white colored chapel, in 1875 by East India Company. We were told it is the largest catholic cemetery in Macau and opens daily for visitors from 8am till 6pm. You can find this cemetery located on Est. do Cemiterio Street in between Mount Fortress and Guia Fortress.

As we passed through the entrance, the crowded ground with headstones came into view. To be honest, I got really excited and impressed at this ornately decorated burial site than be spooked.  Minute details on the white washed marble archangels, lady luck, Cross and stone carvings eased my foot and cleared any thought of tiredness.

The compound is well taken care of with plenty of trees and flower plants for shade. The bright green chapel clearly blends in among the trees. Angels guarding the spirit of the deaths, ladyluck standing elegantly clutching their fingers praying in sorrow and some decorated with anchor to represent sailor or canon insignia for an army general.

Among the gothic statues, there were some newer cemeteries gifted with flower pots and favorite belongings of the deceased. My liking was the one with collectible toys from Transformers action figures to Hot Wheels.

As a sign of respect, my friends and I maintained our silence. I took off after 15minutes with satisfaction of visiting a gothic cemetery for the first time.