Seafood Galore

Are you a seafood lover? If you are, a visit to Sai Kung while you are in Hong Kong is a must!

Sai Kung is a small coastal town in the Sai Kung Peninsula, where fishing is a lifestyle adopted by the locals. Sai Kung Peninsula is part of the New Territories of Hong Kong, most visited by the locals and tourists who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Kowloon, seafood hunt and hiking. This laid back town with narrow roads and low apartments is not much touristy as I expected but all the exciting activities are focused at its waterfront where the pier is. To my amazement, it was the largest collection of “live seafood” display I’ve seen in any of my travels so far!

Geo-Park Hike

After completing a grueling hike to the High Island Reservoir through Maclehose Trail in Hong Kong GeoPark, we got a taxi ride to the town. The evening atmosphere at the waterfront was truly an enjoyable watch. Kids having fun playing and laughing at each other and couples, young and old, indulged in a good chat while cracking tidbits in their mouth. Tour agents and dried fish and shrimp vendors calmly dealing with customers accompanied with soft Chinese music on the radio.

Pet Dogs

There were many dog lovers around us. The pet dogs – a wide variety of breeds from Siberian Husky, Bulldog, Dachshund to Poodle – gently walking with their masters. Some pushed in a pram as if a baby. The dogs were so pretty and cute that my girl friends did not miss a sec to grab, hug and cuddle them.

Let's Buy Fish..

Huge numbers of spectators lined up along the waterfront railing looking down towards the sea. We wondered why. Up close, we got excited ourselves at the scene – fishmongers. The way “buying and selling” done, was a unique sight. Fishermen seated in their tiny boats filled with many fishes, crabs, stingrays, giant prawns, scallops still alive in separate plastic tubs to be sold. Once any buyer from above makes an order, it is then cleaned and handed over to the buyer in a long net-pole. Money is then placed inside the net to seal-off the business. It was the freshest sea product anyone can buy.

Few steps away on the pier, families gathered to do some fishing. Men with fishing roads throwing baits far into the sea while the little ones make use of their fishing strings to drop bait below the pier. The children were proud of their catch that they tend and cared for the fish and crabs inside the holding bags so they don’t die quickly. The pier is surrounded by traditional Chinese fishing boats, modern fishing boats and yachts coming and going.

Neon lights came alive as it got dark. Sun was setting and we knew it’s time for dinner. My friends and I headed towards many seafood restaurants at the waterfront busy luring hungry visitors to their premises. As if not satisfied with the live fish on the boat, we got wide-eyed looking at huge holding tanks filled with giant groupers, lobsters, horseshoe crabs, mantis prawns, squids and giant crabs. We enjoyed a good portion of delicious boiled prawn, flat-fish dish, scallop and a sweet and juicy bamboo clam. It was a pleasant evening.

I am definitely visiting Sai Kung again!