City Tram

Hong Kong is one of the most developed harbor city in the world. Its territory mapped with modern subway system, latest buses and a new airport. But, there’s one old aged transport system still popular among Hong Kongers until today – The Tram. Tram introduced by the British more than 100 years ago and widely being operated to this day. Me and my four friends had the chance to ride on this piece of history on few occasions during our vacation.

1. City Ride

Our first trip on a tram was on the way to Western Market, a prominent tourist destination on the east of the island. We boarded from Wan Chai Rd. to Sheung Wan St. It was a 20minutes fun ride which cost us only about HK$2/pax.The Tram has a double-decker bus like design, electricity operated and runs on a designated rail-road in between other road vehicles. Its interior is wooden constructed with long wood planks as seat and large glass windows. We commute while catching the view of the city, watching locals on their daily activities and listening to “Ding Ding” as the tram passes city traffic. It was our latest experience on a century old transport.

Hill Tram

2. Hill Ride

Next was in an effort to reach up to Victoria Peak on the 3rd day in Hong Kong. When we arrived, there was a huge gathering of tourist at the entrance of “The Peak Tram Historical Gallery”, which is also the funicular railway station. We studied the history of the tram coming into existence and snapped picture of items in display while the vehicle descending towards the station. I instantly fell in love with the bright red, classic design of the tram with wide interior and ample of viewing opportunity at the greenery surrounding us, as we slowly trekked up the hill. The attempt was well worth with a breathtaking view of Hong Kong skyline from the peak, thanks to the beautiful “Red Box”.

Fantasy Tram

3. Fantasy Ride

If you have a fantasy adventure rides to experience in mind, Ocean Park is the place to be. It’s the number one theme park in this tiny island city beating Hong Kong Disneyland. We had many exciting fun-filled moments to cherish forever, including a ride through the ocean in a submarine. It’s actually a rail system designed to look like a submarine out of 1930’s movie. The dimmed interior with ocean blue display of the sea creatures, evokes a sense of excitement we about to witness once we step out of the vehicle. Although it is relatively a new vehicle, it has some features of a tram so I would like to call it the creepiest tram ride ever!

Similar to the scene in Hong Kong, tramcars also were operated in our hometown of Georgetown, Penang during 20th century. It’s a sad thing that what remain now are only the preserved tram tracks. I am all support for the call for “re-introducing” of tram to the state, so many would experience the fun and joy that we went through.