Hong Kong Neon Rays

My friends and I left Kuala Lumpur en-route to Hong Kong on a vacation. After an air journey of about 4 hrs, our Flight AK658 zoomed across the sea and touched down on the tarmac of Hong Kong International Airport. The airport located just few meters above the water on a reclaimed land of Chek Lap Kok island, gives the feeling of landing on water. As the plane taxied towards the airport, we can’t be more agitated to leave our seats to venture into a city which is also known for its many-many light shows. Next destination was the city of Kowloon, where we stayed for five nights.

The bus we were on exited Highway into the city of Kowloon. Dark night sky turned colorful by the light from many neon displays in the city. As if a child would look out through the rear window of a car, I looked mesmerized at the brightly lit advertisements around me while the bus drives through Nathan Street to our Motel. It was in different colors, shapes and sizes hanging from almost every business center in the area and across the street creating a lively atmosphere. I felt liking towards the blinking Chinese Characters and huge Electronic Brand boards (SONY, LG, SAMSUNG, etc). We made most of our first captivating night on the island, capturing away every colorful moments candidly with our amateur cameras.

The mother of all light displays, “Symphony of Lights” held everyday at 8pm from Victoria Harbour. It’s a 14minutes of grand light dance with music participated by 44 buildings along the harbour, which we had the opportunity to witness blessed with good weather. Rhythmic light patterns appeared on each and every participating building in different colors according to the music on air with laser shoots occasionally across the sky. Accompanied with camera flashes, we watched the choreography sounding “Wahh”, “Wow”, “Uhh” and “Ahh” in amazement. The beautiful experience enhanced by the reflections on the habour waters. It was one of the most breathtaking 14 minutes of my life.