Ahola!! Finally, I’ve my own blog. 😀

This will be my 1’st post. So, continue reading and enjoy my writings…

Ok…little bit about myself. I’ve this crave over travelling. I would like to call myself an avid traveler or would like to be one someday. So far, I have travelled to few countries and truly enjoyed its culture, history, natural wonders and food. This blog is to share with you my experience and things which have surprised and fascinated me during my journeys.

Why I’ve picked a bird as my mascot? Well, it’s not any other bird. It’s called Arctic Tern and it is the longest travelling animal in the world covering Arctic to Antarctic, Africa to Australia and East Asia during its migration. As I dream to visit as many countries as possible, I felt this little winged animal best represents me.

This page will be updated with lots of pictures and videos together with my writings.  

So people, glad you’ve come this far. Hope I can encourage people to travel more through my writings. Ciao for now!