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With its excellent public transport system, anyone can travel comfortably in and around Hong Kong.

The day started early for me and my friends on foot from our hotel – Maridor Mansion – along Nathan road towards Star Ferry Pier. Today’s destination in Hong Kong Island: Wan Chai, Western Market and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

As we stepped onto Nathan Rd., we noticed a group of general workers blasting water and scrubbing the pavements. What a great contribution from them to the city! We walked further, passing famous landmarks – Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Imperial Hotel and Louis Vuitton – but can’t stop admiring at the cleanliness of our route. The virtually empty and quiet street apart from accessional passes by taxis and buses was spotless.

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Hi, how everyone is doing…Had been enjoying my write ups and got the cool pictures stucked in your mind?


Please feel free to post comments and share your travel experiences with me.

Btw,  the recent “historical touch” from Macau is to take you away briefly from the rest of  Hong Kong briliance.  Next up, my final leg through…HK island…so stay tuned! 😀

Cemiterio De S. Miguel

Macau holds a wonderful history of colonial past, much alive today with its well maintained tourist troves. Many of these tourist hotspots are just at a walking distance, so I ventured on foot with a bunch of friends last year. We rested our exhausted legs yet at another beautifully eye refreshing but spooky site – St. Michael Chapel Cemetery.

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Seafood Galore

Are you a seafood lover? If you are, a visit to Sai Kung while you are in Hong Kong is a must!

Sai Kung is a small coastal town in the Sai Kung Peninsula, where fishing is a lifestyle adopted by the locals. Sai Kung Peninsula is part of the New Territories of Hong Kong, most visited by the locals and tourists who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Kowloon, seafood hunt and hiking. This laid back town with narrow roads and low apartments is not much touristy as I expected but all the exciting activities are focused at its waterfront where the pier is. To my amazement, it was the largest collection of “live seafood” display I’ve seen in any of my travels so far!

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City Tram

Hong Kong is one of the most developed harbor city in the world. Its territory mapped with modern subway system, latest buses and a new airport. But, there’s one old aged transport system still popular among Hong Kongers until today – The Tram. Tram introduced by the British more than 100 years ago and widely being operated to this day. Me and my four friends had the chance to ride on this piece of history on few occasions during our vacation.

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Hong Kong Neon Rays

My friends and I left Kuala Lumpur en-route to Hong Kong on a vacation. After an air journey of about 4 hrs, our Flight AK658 zoomed across the sea and touched down on the tarmac of Hong Kong International Airport. The airport located just few meters above the water on a reclaimed land of Chek Lap Kok island, gives the feeling of landing on water. As the plane taxied towards the airport, we can’t be more agitated to leave our seats to venture into a city which is also known for its many-many light shows. Next destination was the city of Kowloon, where we stayed for five nights.
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Ahola!! Finally, I’ve my own blog. 😀

This will be my 1’st post. So, continue reading and enjoy my writings…

Ok…little bit about myself. I’ve this crave over travelling. I would like to call myself an avid traveler or would like to be one someday. So far, I have travelled to few countries and truly enjoyed its culture, history, natural wonders and food. This blog is to share with you my experience and things which have surprised and fascinated me during my journeys.

Why I’ve picked a bird as my mascot? Well, it’s not any other bird. It’s called Arctic Tern and it is the longest travelling animal in the world covering Arctic to Antarctic, Africa to Australia and East Asia during its migration. As I dream to visit as many countries as possible, I felt this little winged animal best represents me.

This page will be updated with lots of pictures and videos together with my writings.  

So people, glad you’ve come this far. Hope I can encourage people to travel more through my writings. Ciao for now!

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